On the Move to Chile

The diversity of Chilean people (from Wikipedia)

Chile has a long history of immigrants creating its diverse population.  Large numbers of Germans, Italians, Croations, Basque, Palestinians, and Native Americans make up the Santiago area population (where 40% of Chile’s population lives.) link

Santiago, Chile

Due to Chile’s recent political and economic stability, more immigrants are finding their way there.  Their tech industry is growing and entrepreneurship opportunities abound.  Chile has the fastest growing immigrant population in South America since 2000, the majority of whom are Peruvians, as well as Ecuadorians and Colombians. link

From 2002 to 2008, the migrant population in Chile grew from 184,500 to 317,000, a 71.9% increase. – IOM

Chile is actively working to ease the transitions with migration.  Some examples from the International  Organization for Migration include:

  • IOM is addressing the need to develop health migration studies and health programs for resident migrants and guaranteeing the application of norms contained in the international instruments related to migrants’ rights.
  • IOM has implemented several initiatives to support orderly and humane migration in Chile through information and training policies, such as participating in a Regional Seminar on Interculturalism and Migration for the academic community, civil society, NGOs and public officials
  • IOM Chile continues its counter-trafficking efforts through research, information campaigns, and training.
  • IOM focuses on building awareness campaigns on migration and integration.

The wall is intended to curtail illegal immigration across the border from Mexico into the United States. (Photo credit should read Luis Acosta / AFP-Getty Images) Click image for original source

Chileans particularly oppose the border wall between the US and Mexico.   According to Carlos Jimenez, Second Secretary of the Mexican Embassy in Chile, “Mexico and the United States have a very dynamic relationship.  They have the most dynamic border in the world. They have a large, growing amount of trade. The Mexican workforce isn’t a criminal workforce … In Mexico’s point of view, it shouldn’t be seen in a criminal way when all those people arrive not to commit crimes but to contribute with their work.”   In contrast with this situation, illegal immigrants in Chile were recently given the opportunity to legalize their status. (From Santiago Times)

Chile has announced an amnesty for about 20,000 illegal immigrants from elsewhere in Latin America working in the country’s black economy.”

BBC News

Chile seems to be doing some things right, such as educating their society about this influx of migrants.  Certainly there are still problems; however, I don’t believe they ever decided to build a wall.

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  1. Avery

    I know that Afro Chileans are small in number compared to other Chilean types: however, I know that a reasonable amount of them live in the northern region of Arica and Parinacota. Doing research, they don’t seem to appear in various statistics I viewed. Institutionalized racism seems to be the conclusion I can draw. As far as immigration, there are many of considerable African descent in South America(Those who claim it will vary). Where do these people lie in all of this? Do they exists? Or are they ignored?

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